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                          Halloween Show
           Postponed to Sunday, November 7!!

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         October 31, 2021 Halloween Horse Show
              Morning Warmups for both rings
                    will run from 7:30-8:15,
             and both rings will start at 8:15.

2021 Halloween rings 1 & 2 schedules.jpg

The Angus Memorial Hunter Derby will be set at 2' to accommodate Pony, Hopeful, and South Coast Hunter riders.

The Hunter Pairs Class will be set at 2'6"; Pony and Working Hunter Exhibitors are eligible to ride in this class.  Riders may ride on multiple teams in this class. 

2021 SCS Class Specs.jpg

Please scroll down to read the South Coast Series/Grazing Fields Farm horse show rules! 

South Coast Series Horse Shows Rules And Regulations


* Please note , special COVID-19 related

rules for 2021 have been posted below. Please read them thoroughly. 

NO DOGS! Please do not bring your dog to the horse show.

Please, NO SMOKING at any South Coast Horse Shows.

Entry Fees: $17.00 per class.  Show management reserves the right to combine, cancel, reschedule or divide classes when deemed necessary.

Classes are restricted to junior and amateur adult riders. Professionals may ride horses/ponies in warm-ups. All classes to be judged on performance and soundness, unless otherwise noted.

Judges' decisions are final.

Trophy and six ribbons to be awarded in each class.

Champion and Reserve awards will be presented in each division.

Entries should be made online at .   Entries must be made by 10:00 PM the Friday before each Sunday show.  Post entries will not be accepted.

No exhibitor numbers will be given out without payment and a completed, signed entry form.

NO DOGS! Please do not bring your dog to the horse show.

Please, NO SMOKING at any South Coast Horse Shows.

All riders must wear an ASTM approved helmet when mounted- no exceptions!

Proper show attire is required for each class.  

PARKING – All vehicles- trailers and cars- are to be parked in the designated field.

Longeing areas are located in the back of the parking field. No longeing in any of the rings. 

Exhibitors are restricted to the parking area and the designated competition areas. 

High Point Awards- all South Coast Series Shows will count towards Year End High Point Awards.

Horses/Riders must compete and earn points in their respective division in at least 3 shows to be eligible for an award. ( Walk-Trot and Novice Crossrails classes will not count toward  division championships  or year end awards) 

Points will be posted at 


Rules for 2021

 We have been able to relax many of the rules that we were following last year, but we ask our exhibitors to be respectful of other exhibitors and have masks available if you will be in close contact with others.


Social Distancing   remain at least 6 feet away from anyone not in your immediate family or household.


Hand Sanitizer stations will be placed near the ingates and at the field gate. Please utilize them frequently.


No exhibitors allowed under the ingate tents.

Only trainers and 1 adult accompanying each rider should be at the ingate . All other spectators should be on the long sides of each show ring, away from the ingate/schooling area. 



All entries must be made online at   .  All entries must be completed by 11:00 PM on the Friday night before each show.  NO EXCEPTIONS.        


START TIMES   Approximate times will be posted on our Facebook page on Saturday for each division.  


There will be designated In- and Out-gates

at each ring. 


Ribbons and prizes can be collected at the show office at checkout.


John’s Dogs will be serving food. They have been properly licensed and certified by both the town of Bourne and the State of Masachusetts to serve food safely. Please follow their social distancing requirements when buying food.   


As always, NO SMOKING and NO DOGS.  


Grazing Fields barns, rest room, indoor ring, and other buildings are strictly off limits for horse show exhibitors.